WordPress Website Support

Do you need WordPress Website Support? CircleBC can help diagnose and repair any issues that you may be experiencing, and assist with ongoing operation of your website once the problems are resolved. If you have built a WordPress website and are struggling with keeping it running properly, making changes, updating


WordPress Website Security

If your website has been hacked, or infected with virus or malware, CircleBC can assist in cleaning up issues and returning your website to good working order. We can then assist you to put some effective security in place to prevent future issues. Preventative maintenance and proactive WordPress Website Security


WordPress Website Content Updates

If you have a WordPress website and are struggling to keep up with basic content updates, adding new images to photo galleries, banners, sliders, services content, product updates, updating prices on your eCommerce site or online store, or just general updates to your website, having a WordPress Website Support partner that can assist with these content updates can allow you to focus on what matters and that is running your business.


WordPress Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is important for the ongoing upkeep of your website, ensuring that everything is updated and in good working order is critical for security and uptime. If you don’t have the time or knowledge for Website Maintenance, CircleBC can help. Are you in need of WordPress Website Maintenance? Do


WordPress Website Hacked

Has your WordPress website been hacked? If so, there is no need to panic. CircleBC can help you recover your website and put measures in place to prevent future hacks by putting additional security measures in place. Is your WordPress Website Hacked? If so, there is no need to panic


WordPress Website Audit

When was the last time you completed an audit on your WordPress Website? If the answer is never, there could be issues with your website that you are not aware of that could be impacting on your site performance. Any issues with your WordPress website could be impacting on the user experience of customers that are visiting your site, if user experience is bad, it could be affecting your conversions and ultimately your sales.

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